Current Projects

HH4PR School Rehab Project

A community resiliency center that will be a place of refuge in the case of a natural disaster or state of emergency, with an electronic library facilitating educational programs in emergency services, disaster relief, the arts, fine art and entrepreneurship. In addition, we will help provide a space for those in the gig economy. By implementing these programs, we will provide a space for the youth, further developing their creativity and spur their entrepreneurial spirit with their God given talents. It is our goal to make the school an example of how centers and schools can thrive off renewable energy, such as rainwater catchment systems and solar energy.

Volunteers needed for: Disaster Relief Care and Shelters, Renovation, Construction and Civil Engineering

HH4PR Development Team

Helping Hands for Puerto Rico is seeking an innovative and motivated team to enhance Antonio, Aguadilla. The park had been abandoned after the hurricanes and has not been in use. The purpose of this project is to empower the community to not only do their best for their physical, mental and spiritual access to quality education for the youth in Puerto Rico. These positions will directly assist in our efforts to improve distance learning educational opportunities during COVID-19, more specifically children that have been severely impacted by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico and do not have access to internet or electronic devices due to the lack of a physical school. Volunteers are being sought to research and write grants, fundraise and find donors with a desire to improve Puerto Rico's education.

Volunteers needed for:Public Relations, Customer Acquisition, Fundraising, Grant Writing/ Research, Merchandising, Community Outreach

Rescate Parque: Poblado San Antonio

Helping Hands for Puerto Rico rehabilitated a park for the community of San well-being within this space, but to also retain an understanding of how to cultivate land. We will accomplish this by creating a community garden at this location. Other uses of this space include fitness, personal use, events, flea markets and various other community uses. There are aspects of the park that still need repairs, such as playground and exercise equipment. Electricity is also a necessity. We will implement solar energy and rainwater harvesting to power the park. This park can be an example of how being self-sufficient has extreme benefits for the community and its members.

Volunteers needed for: Community Planning, Painting, Writers

Corozal Mission Home & Tutoring Center

The objective of this project is to rehabilitate an abandoned home to house volunteers and a tutoring center for children of low income in the community. The purpose is to provide a quality home and security that the volunteers need, guaranteeing family coexistence, respect and trust. This repossessed house will serve as an operational base to improve the education of the youth and thus contribute to the progress of the town. We will implement educational programs focused in the arts using mathematics, science and English. The mission home for volunteers will provide services in disaster preparedness, relief and emergency contingency plans. In addition, this house will serve as a place of refuge in case of a state of emergency.

Volunteers needed for: Painting, Cementing, Sealing the ceiling, Placing tiles, Installation of windows and doors, Plumbing

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